Why Fit Right?

With 15+ years of experience fitting the area’s children, from infant “shoes” to first walkers, up to youth boy’s and girl’s size 7, the Fit Right Kids' Shoes experience in properly fitting children is unparalleled. We are seasoned professionals who are experts in fitting children’s shoes. We understand children, we understand children’s shoes, and we understand the absolute importance of the right fit and how that can affect the growth of young feet. As bones in children are not fully developed, a shoe that is not properly fitted can alter the body’s biomechanics. Checking the toe is not enough. The width and instep are essential to determining a proper fit. We factor this and many other variables in fitting and recommending shoes to our customers.

We take pride in knowing our customers can have peace of mind knowing they will always receive a great pair of high quality, stylish shoes that fit their feet just right.

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